Lead Generation

All sales and telemarketing campaigns need to start with this question!

Who do we need to call? why? and what messages do we have for them? It’s more complex than it may sound because if you don’t get this bit right it’s a bit like building a house of sticks, Little piggy will blow your house down and it will have cost you time and money.

Good Data and the data build process is a critical foundation for any sales campaign

So what is a Lead and how do we create it?

3 ways to create a lead

  • You can give your data to us, for example, existing customer data, we will talk to them about your complete product/service portfolio you have.
  • We can buy it for you using one of our data specialist suppliers we have been using for ten years +. You choose the sector, size and postcode area that you want to target.
  • Desk Based research. This is often good for niche campaigns which have a very specialist target market for example finding companies who buy digital services.

So by now you have some data, calls need to be made to further enhance this information. We are likely to know these companies/organisations often buy your product/service.

Developing the lead

Useful information we can add to further assist the power of the lead

Who is the decision maker?

How much will they buy?

How often will they buy?

When will they buy

Why do they buy

Who are the competitors