Training Courses

We tune your Sales Team so they purr like a Bentley Continental GT!

How? Initially, we will observe them doing their job. We observe them across 6 core competency groups

Sales Beliefs

Sales Personality & Skill

Sales Process prior to meeting Customer

Sales Process in front of Customer/over telephone

Sales Process post Customer Visit

Sales Support

Sales Team Development

Before any development takes place it’s important to observe your internal and external salespeople ensure any future investment made is made in the right areas.

Observation is free if you don’t consider the outcomes will improve the team.

Within these 6 criteria, there are a further 45 competencies we test against. You get a Management Sales report highlighting where your people sit against each competency and a recommended plan of development some of which can be delivered in house. Some outcomes we can deliver as well as bringing in other suppliers to benefit your team’s development.