Case Study

Improving Sales results through development of existing Telesales team.

Complex Challenges

  • The Marketing Director of a document management solutions company identified there was a need to increase the results he achieved from his Sales team.
  • He had a gut feeling things could be improved within the Sales Team but did not know how to improve things.
  • Number of meetings generated by the telesales team for the field sales team were less than .04 appointments per day per operator.
  • 5 suppliers had been asked to quote to improve this ratio but none had proven methods of development where tangible differences could be demonstrated.
  • The Telesales team was split across 4 regional offices and rarely met or communicated with each other due to operational restrictions
  • Field sales people were reporting poor quality leads.

Proactive Solutions

  • Set up a cloud based telephone recording system across 4 regional offices to observe the outbound calls made. It took 2 hours to set up and included no hardware or software.
  • Benchmarked the statistics against other companies making similar B to B calls and established the telesales team was working at 50% of their true capacity.
  • Listened to calls against a best practice model and established good quality conversations and those which needed development.
  • Reported findings to board including a sample of recordings and offered a solution to improve the conversations.
  • Development programme covering the 4 regional bases over a 3 month period ending in a presentation to the board by each individual.

Exceptional Results

  • Feedback from the organisation 6 months post development showed an increase in sales of 22%
  • Appointment generation went from .04 per person per day to 1.1 appointments per person per day.
  • 15 telesales operatives had 6 month personal development plans aimed at driving quality appointments through to the Field sales team.
  • Directors presentation was extremely well received and all telesales team made positive contribution to the changes required to improve results
  • In call time went from an average of 62 minutes to 100 minutes per day improving on the quality and length of conversations they were having with potential customers.
  • Substantially increased communication between the telesales offices sharing best practice and daily wins.
  • Field sales report a marked improvement in quality and volume of appointments.