Making Quality Appointments

How many Quality appointments can we arrange for you?

This depends on a number of elements and requires time spent working on these areas in order to make predictions. We can tell you the results we achieve on other accounts however they have a different product, different database and different target market.

What makes a successful campaign?

  • Targeted database – (We can supply based on a segmentation discussion)
  • Great message and product
  • Delivery style
  • Building quality into the database such as the right Decision maker names.
  • Strong email marketing piece for those requiring additional information and time to think.

All we do is transparent and we only ask you to give us 30 days notice to complete a campaign.

Examples of existing customers

Month Aug- Sep Oct Nov
No. of hours 130.0 130 130 130
Appointments made 17 27 24 26
Number of calls connected 1560 1783 1687 1690
Number of hours per appointment 6.64 4.81 5.41 5
Ave Number of calls per hour 12 13 13 13



Month Aug Sep Oct Nov
No. of hours 60 60 60 52
Appointments made 3 8 15 19
Number of calls connected 748 887 1120 1045
Hours per appointment 20 7.5 4 2.73


Food Distributor

Month Aug Sep Oct Nov
No. of hours 33.2 39.6 36 25.95
Appointments made 2 5 6 6
Number of calls connected 168 296 329 284
Hours per appointment 16.58 7.92 6 4.32


Percentage of calls which are positive?

Corporate Telemarketing is a direct form of marketing and over 95% of our conversations are positive. We work the database until either the decision-maker has advised us they don’t have a use for the product or they have bought. Either way, the outcome is positive.

Recommendation and way forward

As displayed with some of our existing customer’s results improve over time due to the development of good quality data. Telemarketing is best used over a period of months not days.

We suggest 60 hours or more per month to begin your campaign but whatever the results we achieve in this time will improve in the longer the campaign continues. Because we have never worked with you, predicting results would be “a finger in the air” and not based on any facts. We offer a transparent service which is well planned prior to the start, maximising the results we can create.


£32 – £35 per hour plus Appointment Fee of £25 and Business won fee of £50.