Phase 1 of any telemarketing campaign is all about data

Want to find more customers? It often starts with the buying data phase.

This article will help you find the right data.

This is not a costly part of finding you more customers but is absolutely essential to get it right. The data will be the foundation to which your customer acquisition campaign will be built on.

When developing and increasing your customer base its essential to buy good quality raw data which can be mined and developed and which will produce your future customers, so here are a few essential tips for identifying the right data and then some suppliers who we can recommend.

Don’t buy massive lists for rock bottom prices it’s unlikely the information will be of any use. Buy what you need, when you need it so that its accurate and up to date. Any quality supplier of data will have CTPS checked the data so it will be legal to call it.

Consider who your ideal customers look like

  1. Size (1-5, 5-10, 10 – 20 employees etc)
  2. Geography (post code area)
  3. Business Sector. (use Vocal Groups list of over 2000 sectors for free)  has a database of over 2000 Business sectors for you to view but any data provider should be able to give this to you for free.


You want to find customers who are in the manufacturing sector have between 10 and 100 employees and are based within a specific postcode area.

Once you know this you can go to your data supplier and ask for a data count.

Why ask for a data count?

Its free and allows you to segment your choice even further allowing you to target only the very best prospects!

Prior to buying, consider if your campaign will be email only, postal, digital or by telephone. The best campaigns are often a combination. It’s essential to follow up the customers you have emailed or contacted through Digital media with a direct call to establish a need for your product for now or in the future.

You won’t always get the right decision makers for your industry on the data you buy, so a call prior to sending out email will establish the correct email from the decision maker and allow you to be compliant by asking them permission to send them an email.

For further additional help on buying data contacts us now.