Sales generation ideas for your business.

Business Development Campaign Ideas

There will be a lot more detail than the headings here. Vocal Group have experience of delivering all types and can add value to the conversation. Some you will already be doing others may give you an idea of what you may consider implementing.

Thought areas for mind mapping  and campaign creation

  1. New products new customers
  2. Existing products new customers
  3. New products existing customers
  4. Existing products new customers


  • Field Sales/ engineering team to feed back client names they see on a daily basis who they think would be worth doing business with.
  • Referral program from existing customers suggesting new customers.
  • Establish the core type of existing customer taking a new product such as size, sector & geographic area then identify the volume of other customers in this space and promote.
  • Create a matrix of top 500 existing customers. Identify what they buy and most importantly what they don’t, including maintenance and service options. Then approach the customers with gaps and a focused strategy to increase what they buy.
  • Create a database of aged Quotes within a 3 year period or relevant time frame and approach.
  • Database of aged customers, those who have bought in the past but have no recent purchase history.
  • Attracting a key type of customer to a roadshow or exhibition and follow through.
  • Following up post exhibition to companies who have approached the stand or have visited the event.
  • If your core target client is for example in the Farming Industry, deep dive into the sector and create a UK database of all relevant prospects.
  • Run a customer care survey within a specific target group to identify CX improvements which can be made.


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